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Cambridge, Ontario, Canada



Barrie Drysdale



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Our founder, Barrie Drysdale, started working in the field of automation and robots shortly after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the globally recognized University of Waterloo. The small start-up firm he worked for was an early innovator in the then infantile market of injection molding and thermoforming automation. After 12 years of learning the trade and growing the company into one of North America’s major players in this niche market, he struck out on his own and founded dds Automated Machinery Design Inc. Where previously the mandate of his prior employer had been growth and profitability, Barrie's interest lay more in craftsmanship, corporate stability, the building of high-quality products, strong customer relationships and an engaging and enviable work environment. That was 1996.

dds now has equipment running all over the world with our largest customer base located in North America. We have chosen to keep our company on a very conservative path of growth. dds does not invest in marketing to fuel growth but rather in capability, technology and our workforce. In this way, our customers reap the benefit of our dedication to continuous improvement and our growth becomes tied to our customers’ success.


Since its inception, dds never strayed from the initial mantra laid out by Barrie. The world and manufacturing in particular, has increasingly relied on software and controls systems to oversee the mechanics of machinery, processes and most aspects of day-to-day life. dds continues to maintain a philosophy that no control system can truly fix poorly designed mechanical equipment. A robust mechanical system is the backbone of any machine and the design of that backbone needs to come first. Without a body, there is little need for a brain.

From these simple requirements, the dds design approach was born and endures to this day.


Born from our philosophy, the dds design approach is built on six strong pillars.

  1. Never be afraid of "Custom". Conceptualize based on what is best for the customer and application not based on a standard portfolio. 
  2. Design equipment to be a little too strong, a little too fast and a little too reliable to ensure that the automation equipment does not act as a bottleneck to the primary process. 
  3. Use high quality components that have worldwide acceptance and availability.
  4. Ensure that designs are mechanically correct prior to developing the controls architecture. In this way the controls augment the mechanical design rather than mask and/or compensate for mechanical deficiencies.
  5. Create an environment that promotes craftsmanship within our workforce. Design equipment that we can be proud to sell and our customers can be proud to own.
  6. Back up our systems and our customers with dedicated, conscientious project management, service and support.