Injection Molding

Part Retrieval

When it comes to part retrieval, dds has years of robot and end-of-arm tool design experience. Whether your requirements demand high speed, high accuracy or intricate part manipulation, chances are we have built systems with similar parameters.  

Insert Loading

Insert loading is a niche market in injection molding and due to the additional complexity required, experience is often the best prerequisite for success. dds offers years of experience in insert loading. From tiny electrical terminals to large two-shot molding applications, there is very little that we have not seen and worked on.

Downstream Automation

Once parts have been retrieved, it is up to you what happens to them. Assembly, inspection, stacking, boxing, bagging and palletizing are all examples of solutions that we currently have operating in the field. 

In-Mold Labelling

With robust solutions for flat and five-sided labels, dds can help bring in-mold labelling to your shop floor. Combine in-mold labeling with vision inspection and downstream packaging automation for a truly integrated solution.