dds delivers robust solutions for applications in every industry. 


Sample text. The injection molding industry has always been a primary market for dds.  Our founders were all keyplayers in a company that built and designed gantry robots and custom automation for the plastics processing market.  As standard part removal robots progress towards becoming a commodity item, dds continues to manufacture application-specific robots that are designed to meet each customer's unique requirements.  dds has supplied robots that are:

  • capable of servicing multi-level stack molds;
  • specifically designed for the coat hanger molding industry;
  • specifically designed for the cutlery molding industry;
  • large enough to palletize full 96" high pallets;
  • specifically designed for in-mold labelling applications.

In addition to our robots, dds has developed hundreds of custom systems for the injection molding industry throughout North America.  Many systems include our own or third-party robots, while others incorporate "free drop" and mechanical retrieval mechanisms.  Systems have been built to load parts, inserts and labels and at the downstream end convey, stack, sort, assemble, package and palletize the IMM output.