dds delivers robust solutions for applications in every industry. 


The same technology that we have developed for the injection molding industry can be modified and implemented for machine centre loading and unloading.  Our expertise in gantry robots, end-of-arm tooling and primary process machinery interfacing gives us the tools we need to provide our customers with the right solution… every time.  For example, click here to view a custom built machine for transferring parts through a progressive die. 

dds has supplied robots that are:

  • highly rigid for precision insert loading applications;
  • extremely quick for high-speed side entry applications;
  • capable of servicing multi-level stack molds;

Many systems include our own or third-party robots, while others incorporate "free drop" and mechanical retrieval mechanisms.  Systems have been built to load parts, inserts and labels and at the downstream end convey, stack, sort, assemble, package and palletize the IMM output.